14. / 15. October 2010

Multidimensional Geoinformation - advances in spatial information sciences towards modeling geo-processes (multiGI)

Aimed is to meet each other and discuss with scientists in spatial information science at KIT and investigate future potential collaborations together. The format of the workshop will allow to present visions and long-term research perspectives on the aspects of uncertainty, abstraction as well as temporal aspects of spatial information in a structured way.

The focus of the multiGI workshop is on the diverse aspects of multidimensional spatial information which will be discussed in moderated slots.
Every slot represents an aspect, which will be introduced by an 30 to 40 min impulse statement of an impulse speaker. The slots are:

  1. modeling of uncertain and fuzzy spatial information
  2. potential of unstructured spatial information
  3. numerical and analytical modeling of spatial information
  4. temporal aspects of spatial information
  5. aspects of abstraction in spatial information